A photo of a person standing in an immersive room with purple and yellow lights

Immersive Expo

Save the date: at the NDSM Treehouse

* drink and food included

Visit our Expo at NDSM Treehouse to immerse yourself in a world of digital-physical spaces.

To end the minor of Immersive Environments the students have organised a special evening with entertainment, foods and drinks. The food is provided by the local Treehouse chef the Vegan Bear who makes delicious vegan food.
And there will be a afterparty with a DJ from 20:00 till 22:00. It will be a great evening of interesting projects which the students made together with their partners. These partners include:

As well as their very own personal projects!

A photo of a colorful coral light installation on our last expo in November 2023.

be prepared to be immersed by projection, sound, objects, scents, sensors, and interactive walls. Hope to see you there!


floorplan of the immersive exposition Download floorplan


For some projects that include a performance part we have created a schedule with times they will be performing. All performances are on the ground floor.

Projects presented at the expo

The Quest

The quest title

An Immersive Electronic Music Experience comes to life with 3D Projection Mapping!


Valentijn Vonk, Ruben Hessels, Jillis Pieters, Thimo Gagliano, Eric Bruyn, Jakob Benning


3d render of the flippergolf course

A fun way for kids and adults to interact and play pinball but in a different way. You stand on the opposite side of the field and press foot pedals to move the flippers, get the ball in the opposite team their hole and score as many points as possible!


Joppe Koops, Andy Dragtstra, Youri Langenberg


boat with illustration of the sonic waves produced by marisonia

Step into the future of marine maintenance with our immersive installation inside a repurposed shipping container. Discover the revolutionary Marisonia product—a cutting-edge Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System designed to keep yachts and boats pristine.


Luka, Lucas, Splinter

Colours of Note

An artwork made with the colours of note project

We believe that every person has an artist inside them, whether it is often practised or not.
Colours of Note is a project developed to inspire creativity among people with dementia. People can play instruments that fill the blank canvas with bright colours, where the note of each instrument is translated into a vibrant array of colours. This results in an interesting work of art through co-creation that everyone can participate in. Hence, taking a refreshing approach to art therapy where one has the opportunity to become a visual artist through a music performance.
Additionally, the title, “Colours of Note” carries multiple meanings. It refers to the colours that a musical note presents, along with another meaning that emphasises the importance of this project and the impact it has on those with dementia by calling it of note. We hope to encourage people to create memories with others by sharing a note and that this project serves as a reason to add colours to each other’s lives and create memories through experience - even if they may not last forever.


Ren and Camille

Visitor Voices

The Visitor Voices group working

"Visitor Voices" by Commonplace is a pioneering project reshaping the gallery experience. By making use of the innovative beam speaker, an audio technology that precisely directs sound waves to a desired area, the focused audio delivery enhances the immersive encounter with art, allowing viewers to engage intimately with the pieces before them.
Still in its prototype phase, "Visitor Voices" envisions a future where museum-goers contribute to an open dialogue. The groundwork for a website, which empowers visitors to record and share personal reflections via their mobile devices, has already been laid. This platform becomes a virtual space with narratives, shared experiences and perspectives.
The project was crafted by Merel Thuis, Marek Bartek, Jurre de Krom and Karlo Stefanek, under the guidance and leadership of Jon Steam and Simon de Bakker.


Merel Thuis, Marek Bartek, Jurre de Krom and Karlo Stefanek

Date & Location


Treehouse NDSM
T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam
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Expo: 16:00 till 20:00

DJ Performance: 20:00 till 22:00

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